Ensuring that the Mall/Commercial Center is used in a way that is consistent with the purpose for which it was acquired. SAHAT offers a complete global Mall management platform along with a time-honored reputation for an outstanding team experience in the management of shopping centers. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to increase property values and position an asset to align with landlord short and long term investment objectives. We uncover hidden costs, increase efficiencies, improve the quality of tenant service, and enhance the value of our clients’ properties. We believe in partnerships with our clients can create a difference, along with the sense of pride and ownership we take in the solution based management of each property, are core values that enable our team to minimize operating expenses while maximizing revenues.
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Jeddah: The Headquarters Business Park, Corniche Rd. 30th floor – Jabal Omar.

Makkah: Jabal Omar Project, Ash Shubaikah, Ibrahim Al-Khalil St.

P.O.Box 56976 Makkah, KSA.


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