Souk Makkah Gate

Catchment Area

Retail Key Strengths

  • Harnessing the 5 stars hotel traffic, DoubleTree by Hilton and The Address Makkah.
  • Highly visible and easily accessible
  • Affordable prices.
  • KAAR project traffic will pass by the mall


Makkah City – Core Area – Jabal Omar project

Souk Makkah Gate will be operated in Q3 2020. Souk Makkah Gate (N1) will act as an urban mall and it is the biggest commercial center in Jabal Omar destination, where it will feature a diverse mix of retailers ranging from international retailers and local favorites to high-end boutiques.

It is located within the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, which is on Umm Al-Qura Street and connected to Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street, and on the main entrance to Jabal Omar Project, surrounded by a group of international hotels (The Address Jabal Omar, Marriott Hotel, and Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel), and also the KAAR Project, and the Haramain train project from the southwestern side of the Makkah campus for transportation and pedestrians, Souk Makkah Gate (N1) Market targets visitors coming from Umm Al-Qura Street and from the points of the transport and pedestrian path to arrive and depart, in addition to the residents of the surrounding hotels mentioned above, which has a population of (5,000) guests Approximately.









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Jeddah: The Headquarters Business Park, Corniche Rd. 30th floor – Jabal Omar.

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